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Field bouquets, always good Field bouquets can be recognized by the different types of flowers and often the different heights. Some people also call it a high-low...

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Field bouquets, always good

Field bouquets can be recognized by the different types of flowers and often the different heights. Some people also call it a high-low bouquet because the stems have different heights. A field bouquet looks like the forest has come from the field and picked itself. Field bouquets have increased in popularity in recent years. Our bouquets can be recognized by the different types of flowers that we also combine with some greenery. The green and the number of stems ensures that our bouquets have more volume and are larger than our picking bouquets. The bouquet is very popular to order for yourself. It fits in every interior and every style. If you like a picking bouquet, a field bouquet is a valuable addition. However, if you like more traditionally bound bouquets, then the bouquet is a beautiful and contemporary alternative. In short, with a field bouquet you never disappoint! It suits every occasion and every interior, both business and private.

A field bouquet as a gift

Is it someone's birthday, is your colleague retiring, would you like to thank the neighbor, or wish the teacher a speedy recovery? With a nice field bouquet you are always in the right place! For every occasion and for every person we have a field bouquet that fits. Looking for a lot of color? Then the colorful bouquet is an ideal solution. Need a more subdued look? Then choose soft and sweet in beautiful pastel shades. Or how about our bestseller the stylish field bouquet XL, a beautiful large bunch with beautiful colors and a special flower combination! Our field bouquets are hand-tied in our modern and sustainable production location in Aalsmeer. The fieldbouquets are, just like our picking bouquets, carefully packed in our special shipping packaging. The fieldbouquet is sent as a gift and delivered by our professional logistics partners. 

Ordering fieldbouquet

Ordering a field bouquet is very quick and easy in our shop. In just a few clicks you can quickly order your favorite fieldbouquet for yourself or to surprise someone else with it. You choose your bouquet. Then you can add a personal message if desired. Then fill in your details. If you already have an account with us, you will be recognized immediately by our system. This works even faster and offers many advantages. After you have indicated where the bouquet may be delivered and when you follow the payment instructions. After that we will immediately start working with your field bouquet. It could hardly be simpler. The bouquet you order we make exactly as you see it on the picture. We can guarantee this because we work from one location and not with local florists or binders. So every field bouquet is composed, bound, packed and shipped in the same way at all times. In short, you get what you see.

Care Field Bouquet

You have to take care of a field bouquet with love. That goes for every bouquet, of course. With these tips you can enjoy your bouquet even longer. Always use a clean vase. Is there another bouquet resident? Wash the vase well, rinse it and fill it with fresh tap water. It is also advisable to add the flower food in the water so your bouquet stays fresher longer. Cut about 3 cm from the stems of the bouquet. Make sure that the stems of the bouquet have different lengths. This ensures the playful and recognizable appearance of the bouquet. Make sure when cutting or trimming the stems, that this ratio remains that way. Our binders always clean the stems of the bouquets. If there are still some leaves at the bottom of the stems, remove them. This prevents leaves from ending up in the water and rotting. This is at the expense of the quality of the bouquet. Change the water regularly because then your bouquet stays fresher and it looks more fun. Especially when your bouquet is in a glass vase. Never place your bouquet in direct sunlight, above or next to the overheating heating or in a draughty place. A field bouquet does not like that and it goes very quickly at the expense of the field bouquet.