e•bloom building sustainable partnerships B.V. is the greenest e•commerce company dealing in flowers and plants. As a subsidiary of Groenland B.V. and with our team of experienced specialists in online flower sales, we can reliably satisfy any request and offer every customer a total solution. We do this in various ways. At our webshop, you can order wonderful bouquets or arrange for a flower subscription. 

But we also provide various other services. These include providing complete webshops for companies and brands that have their own lines of flowers and bouquets as well as facilitating online ordering portals for employees. In short, we are the perfect partner for anyone looking for an answer for the simple online ordering of sustainable bouquets. This could range from a single bouquet a week to a few thousand per day.


We offer a total solution for companies that want to be successful at selling flowers and plants online. We do this by relieving our customers of all kinds of extra tasks so that they can focus fully on their sales and marketing activities. We can facilitate an entire online flower shop for our customers. This service covers all the elements needed for this such as the assortment, the design, the purchasing, the production, the stock management, the personalising of orders, the fulfilment services and the logistics. In addition, we can also contribute to professional photography services and provide clearly written product information. 

e•bloom building sustainable partnerships B.V. is affiliated with Groenland B.V. - the ultimate partner in ornamental horticulture when it comes to an innovative and ecologically responsible approach to entrepreneurship.